How We Do It

At Farrington Consultants, our team boasts a rich pool of expertise garnered from distinguished careers in the military and specialised law enforcement units – apoolthat guarantees unparalleled standards of security-management insight and service.

Our extensive background not only refines our capabilities but also informs our distinctive business model, designed to address critical voids in standards in the private security sector – this is how we consistently uphold rigorous service benchmarks:

  • Offering Leading Industry Experience
  • Uninterrupted Service Continuity
  • Meticulous, High-Quality Recruitment Practices
  • A Foundation of Trust and Discretion
  • Compassionate and Empathetic Approach
  • A Laser-Focused Commitment to Delivery

Executive Protection

Executive protection or close protection forms the backbone of our services, its something we’ve carried out in a multitude of ways in various regions and environments across the globe. Both armed and unarmed. Operating either overtly or covertly (we specialize in discretion). We offer a personalized and secure service depending on your requirements.

Residential & Location Security

We can supply residential security teams to protect your home and assets. After an initial appraisal we can staff your residence protecting you and your family whilst at home. Our staff will deter intrusion through a thoughtful and discreet approach minimizing any intrusiveness for you at home. Staff will have the ability to respond to emergencies on site whilst monitoring estate systems and providing access control.

Security Driver

Forming part of the main security component within our teams, drivers can be supplied with a variety of premium vehicles or can be supplied to drive yours. Drivers have been selected through our experience and past work, giving a safe, secure, and dependable resource of skilled professionals.

Being former Metropolitan Police, security drivers are trained in counter surveillance, evasive / defensive driving techniques, and anti hijack drill’s, as well having extensive experience of operating Armoured vehicles.

We have had the privilege and the challenge of moving some of the most media sought personalities on the planet throughout Europe and London. This has helped us develop a range of skills and methods applicable to moving such individuals safely, discreetly, and securely. Please call to discuss your requirements.


To know your requirement, we must firstly establish the security related threats and vulnerabilities that you or your organisation face. We offer a consultancy service to develop this understanding. Through this process a concise assessment will be developed, and an appropriate and proportionate course of action proposed.

This process helps us understand your needs and expectations and gives us a template with which to work with. Lastly, it gives us as an organisation the opportunity to see which specialist skills will be required and the personalities that will fit best.

Armoured Vehicle Supply

Through our supply network we can supply a number of B7 executive armoured vehicles. B7 cars offer the occupants the current highest level of protection against small arms fire and explosive elements. Armoured cars will be supplied with an experienced security driver trained in anti hijack drills and evasive / defensive driving techniques . Please enquire for availability and pricing.

Counter Surveillance

Specialist British government trained individuals are available that specialize in this highly skilled craft. Suspicious activity and potential threats can potentially be identified through body language and profiling. Any potential threat or problem identified through counter surveillance techniques can then offer the security component the opportunity to avoid the threat through thoughtful planning.

Security Surveys

We can conduct a security appraisal of your business, residence, and daily routines. Identifying the threats that you, your family, business, and staff may face. A survey report will be produced giving effective recommendations on how to protect against them.