Our History

We have been serving exceptional clients for over 20 years. In that time, we have worked globally offering bespoke security solutions to a wide and varied clientele. We understand what it takes to be at the forefront of industry, we also understand the problems that can come to high profile personalities who are influencing the fabric of society. Through this understanding we have created a group of individuals who are able to help you navigate the world without compromise.

Our Work

Our working history both as a company and as individuals is broad and significant. We have extensively worked with private clients, corporations, and governments. This expansive work history has given us a broad and varied experience base.

This experience gained over years of service to an equally diverse group of clients, has given us the opportunity to hone and perfect our craft as well as extensively developing our working knowledge in the private security sector.

Over the years this craft and knowledge has been applied both within the United Kingdom, Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East. We have provided service to the following:

  • High net worth individuals and their families
  • Leaders in the Arts and entertainment industry’s
  • Diplomatic and Presidential visits
  • Visiting and travelling businesspeople
  • Politicians on private business
  • Engineers and NGO’s working in hostile regions
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Shipping companies

Our working history has given us the experience to see things differently, to operate differently, to form a business model that challenges the status quo. To challenge and address the problems we have noted in the private security sector, we aim to overcome these issues with a new philosophy: That of quality before profit.

Our Values


Farrington Consultants have developed lasting trusting relationships with clients and 3rd party suppliers alike. Our unique approach to our business and key personalities has helped establish this fundamental trait.


Building on the foundation of trust, we appreciate that clients can often be in vulnerable and compromising situations. You, the client must be able to rely on the security team. Our staffing solutions and educated management approach helps create our second fundamental trait.


With its wealth of previous experience, we have noticed the compromising situations clients have been in due to high staff turnover. This comprises the complete security component. Our unique and dedicated group of staff continue to work closely together on multiple tasks offering the continuity that is our third value.