What We Do

We understand that trust forms the cornerstone of any successful security partnership. With a reputation built on steadfast reliability and a commitment to continuity, we design and deliver a range of security solutions tailored to assess and mitigate potential threats to the public, individuals and their families, and business assets.

  • Executive Protection / Close Protection
  • Residential Security
  • MET-Police Trained Security Drivers
  • Event Security
  • Armoured Vehicle Supply
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Security Consultancy – Threat Management, Risk Mitigation
  • Security Surveys


The individuals who make up Farrington Consultants, bring a high level of experience from both military and specialist police units. Our personnel have served both private individuals and government officials on both private and diplomatic business, both here in the UK and overseas. Experience from government sectors and commercial contracts have given us the skills and knowledge to operate efficiently in the commercial sector. This extensive level of commercial security experience has helped identify the flaws in the private security sector. This experience has helped us develop our unique business model in which to address these flaws.


Our business model ensures continuity. We have a very discreet group of highly skilled staff. The standard of our personnel and their repeating presence between visits helps provide you the client with a high standard of service and the trust and discretion that is often required.

Unique Management Style

As a company we have a highly unique approach to business. We limit the number of people we serve. This helps ensure the continuity and trust that has held us in high regard with past clients. The client limits we set ourselves helps keep the standard and ensures a personal ‘hands on’ approach from director level.

Quality Recruitment

We have a focused recruitment policy with regards to our team members, We have noticed that simply ‘ex’ service individuals isn’t quite enough to ensure quality and professionalism. Although ex-military and ex police service personal are an obvious recruiting pool for the security industry, not all are suited. Both the security industry and some government services unfortunately have a low standard of entry, and this often causes issues between client and employee. The Farrington Consultants business model along with personal experience of working with individuals in this sector for over 20 years helps ensure the high standard that is often required. We can only guarantee this standard to a certain company size, hence capping client numbers.

Trust and Discretion

Trust and discretion are at the forefront of what we do. As a company we are used to dealing with the unique requirements that individuals and organisations require. Our employees are select and the key personalities of our organisation have helped develop ‘trust and discretion’ with past clients and partnerships alike. It’s our core value and has been developed through time.

Caring Approach

We genuinely care! From both past careers and past clients, we have observed the stresses and troubles of being a high-profile business leader or a media pursued personality. The stresses caused by fame and success can be emotionally heavy giving a potentially detrimental impact to the individuals lifestyle, relationships and general wellbeing. We have worked hard over the years to facilitate clients’ movements and lifestyles with great compassion. We have designed several techniques that have enabled past clients to live life despite the negative impact such attention can bring.

Focused Delivery

We focus our services to our select client group. We are a group of professionals who have perfected a particular craft. That is one of transporting and securing individuals, their families and assets. This is all we do. To ensure quality we need to focus on what we do best, we don’t do concierge services, events, or anything that deters from our core business of protecting and aiding our small number of clients. Our focus is on the service we provide.