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In recent years, the alarming increase in residential burglaries involving high-profile personalities has underscored the crucial need for intelligent, robust residential security and personal security measures.

Sports stars, and many other media personalities, are often the target of such incidents, and are realising the importance of investing in private security and close protection services to ensure the safety of their loved ones and assets.

Let’s take a look at the rising security concerns faced by high-net-worth individuals, as highlighted by several accounts, emphasising the indispensable role that personal security services or residential security teams like those provided by Farrington Consultants can play in safeguarding these luxury homes, and their families.

Raheem Sterling’s Surrey Mansion Invasion (2022)

The shocking incident involving Raheem Sterling serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of even the most high-profile individuals. Armed robbers brazenly invaded Sterling’s Surrey mansion while his partner and young children were inside.

This harrowing experience prompted Sterling to cut his commitments in Qatar short to be with his family. The incident shows the critical need for enhanced residential security measures that private security contractors can provide to prevent such intrusions and protect the safety and comfort of family members.

Joelinton’s Burglary During a Newcastle Match (2024)

In a distressing incident, Newcastle star Joelinton experienced a burglary at his mansion while he watched his team play against Manchester City.

The invasion of his property prompted Joelinton to call the police but also highlighted the urgent need for better home surveillance and security measures, especially for high-profile individuals whose residences can become targets during publicised events.

Premier League stars investing in personal and home security

The increasing frequency of high-profile home invasions has spurred Premier League stars to take proactive measures to protect their homes.

Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne, Chelsea duo Reece James and Raheem Sterling as revealed above, and other notable players have fallen victim to burglaries, prompting a trend of hiring ex-army or ex-police officers for enhanced security.

These stories highlight the urgency for comprehensive security solutions, including personal security guards or close protection, to mitigate the risks faced by high-net-worth individuals.

Excellence in Residential and Close Protection Services

Farrington Consultants stands at the forefront, providing comprehensive residential and close protection services to ensure the safety and security of not only high-profile individuals and their families but anyone who values their safety. As incidents continue to rise, investing in professional security services becomes not just a luxury but an absolute necessity for those who require added protection of their homes and loved ones.

With a team of highly trained, ex-service professionals, including former police officers, Farrington Consultants is dedicated to safeguarding the homes and wellbeing of high-net-worth individuals and those who need added peace of mind.

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