If you are a high-risk individual or business owner, influencer or celebrity you may have considered hiring a personal security driver or a driver bodyguard to ensure your safety and comfort, and safe passage of your assets on the road.

But, what exactly is a security driver and how can they benefit you?

A security driver is not just a chauffeur who drives you from point A to point B. They are highly-trained, licenced professionals who can protect you from any threats or dangers that may arise while you are travelling on the road. They have advanced driving and close protection skills that allow them to keep you safe in situations that might arise while transporting you and your assets, no matter the distance.

Who Needs a Security Driver or a Bodyguard Driver Service?

A security driver or a personal driver bodyguard service is not only for celebrities or politicians. Anyone who faces a high level of risk or threat while travelling will benefit greatly from hiring a close protection driver who can ensure the safety of them and their passengers.

Some of the situations where you may need a security driver or a bodyguard driver service are:

  • You need to travel through areas with high criminal activities, such as war zones, conflict areas, or regions with political instability or civil unrest.
  • You are a person who attracts a lot of media attention, such as an artist, singer, TV host, CEO, politician, or activist, and you want to avoid unwanted publicity or harassment.
  • You need to travel with high-risk assets or valuables that need to be escorted safely.
  • You worry about being threatened with kidnapping, assault, or an attack by someone who wants to harm you or extort money from you.

You are concerned with being confronted by someone who has access to your personal or professional information.

What Can a Security Driver or Bodyguard Chauffeur Provide?

Trained to safeguard you and your passengers from potential threats during your travels, security drivers provide an array of essential services, including:

  • Safely and securely transporting you and/or your assets to your destination, skillfully navigating the roads to avoid potential hazards or obstacles.
  • Escorting you and your guests to and from your vehicle, ensuring your safety and maintaining your privacy throughout the journey.
  • Serving as your driver bodyguard when required, utilising their close protection skills and counter-measures to shield you from any potential attacks or incidents.
  • Effectively communicating or working with other security personnel or relevant authorities when necessary, leveraging their network and local knowledge to enhance overall security measures.
  • Expertly managing any emergencies or crises that may arise during your travels, applying their training and expertise to swiftly and effectively resolve challenging situations.

A private security driver undergoes comprehensive training to handle a spectrum of scenarios and challenges that demand their specialised skills and expertise. Their training encompasses proficiency in various areas, including:

  • Conducting thorough vehicle safety checks, including the meticulous inspection of tracking devices and explosives to ensure the security of occupants.
  • Manoeuvring at high speeds, executing low-profile driving techniques, navigating off-road terrains, and mastering aggressive defensive driving.
  • Employing surveillance detection techniques to identify and preempt criminal or suspicious behaviour, enhancing overall security measures.
  • Acquiring the safest routes to destinations, with an understanding of alternative routes leading to secure locations in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Equipping the vehicle with essential items, such as video cameras, bulletproof vests, additional water supplies, and medical equipment, among others.
  • Proficiently liaising with authorities and medical personnel when necessary, while possessing the capability to administer advanced first aid and resuscitation techniques.

Why You Need a Security Driver from Farrington Consultants

At Farrington Consultants, our security drivers, all former Metropolitan Police officers, bring unmatched expertise to safeguard you. Trained in counter-surveillance, defensive driving, and anti-hijack drills, they’ve handled armoured vehicles and transported high-profile personalities globally.

Choose from our premium vehicles or opt for our drivers to handle yours. Working seamlessly with other security personnel, our team ensures your safety for single trips, long-term contracts, or special events.

If you are interested in hiring a security driver from Farrington Consultants, please contact us today for a free consultation and a quote. We are ready to serve you with the highest level of professionalism and security excellence.

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Farrington Consultants has been providing residential security services for over 20 years and has a proven track record of delivering high-quality and cost-effective solutions. Farrington Consultants has a team of qualified and licensed security experts who are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and safety.

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